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Sentia has experience with blockchain projects, putting it at the forefront of innovation

Blockchain became known as an alternative calculation model that makes use of distributed and decentralized computer networks. This creates increased security levels while lowering costs. It could be described as a bookkeeping of transactions, where trust is created between parties. Transactions are effectively strung like a 'chain' on the data blocks of existing transactions. Existing and completed transactions, once approved, can no longer be removed or changed. It is only possible to add new details to the ‘chain’. An example here is the data structure behind the bitcoin network. This is processed via blockchain.

Processing data via blockchain is necessary for companies that need to retrieve verified data. Data processing flows are guaranteed, and the entire process is visible. Should there be, for example, a fault in the existing process, it’s easier to trace. This represents a radical shift from conventional transaction mechanisms. It forms the basis for disruptive digital activity, for both established companies and start-ups. This technology has brought about profound changes to society and business life. Consider airlines and the processing of baggage, or patient files in the healthcare sector. Sentia has experience with blockchain projects in, amongst others, the financial sector, putting it at the forefront of innovation.

They are the ones pushing us, challenging us and providing us with quick time to market on new initiatives. Sentia is helping us to achieve a higher maturity level on managing IT, while at the same time allowing us to substantially reduce IT related costs.

Michel Hofman CIO Amsterdam Trade Bank

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