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We monitor our client’s environments day and night

For us, proactive monitoring is the core of good application management. This means we proactively monitor the environment of our customers. We look not only at whether the server and the network are live, but also whether the application actually performs as agreed.

With Baseline and Functional monitoring, we ensure that performance is always optimal. By analyzing the entire chain, we continuously, proactively seek out potential opportunities and risks, whilst observing trends. When trends are signaled, we can alter the infrastructure in time and without you even noticing.

We ensure the monitoring of the complete chain of an application, using software tooling to mimic the user experience. In practice, this generally means we spot an issue before the client does. This sometimes even extends to contacting an external interfaces supplier when we notice a break in their customer’s connection or data flow.

By monitoring externally from different locations, we can quickly respond the moment a website becomes unavailable. In addition, it’s possible to simulate a set of user scenarios. The buying process can be monitored in this way, for example, from shopping cart to payment. For this, we use Uptrends as a provider of monitoring services.

"We need a very technological partner who is not only looking at the hardware part, but also needs to look at the deployment of applications and understand how these applications work, so we can focus on the development of applications."

Rob Spekschoor CTO Centralpoint

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