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Security is crucial

Security is a crucial aspect of IT and there are many areas where it plays an important role. This includes the security of systems, the processing of sensitive data, back-up and restore, network safety, antivirus and firewalling.

Security at Sentia carries through to contracts with our customers. Our contracts are flexible and organized in a way that guarantees continuity and safety. Sentia is, of course, certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 NEN7510 and ISAE 3402. In addition, the Sentia Cloud is equipped with a 'right to examine', so customers and supervisors have access to 'their' data at any time.

We ensure the continuity of applications for our customers. We are transparent and always available to you. Our online management dashboards offer customers 24/7 insight into our performance. We can also jointly look into the possibilities in the area of security.

They are the ones pushing us, challenging us and providing us with quick time to market on new initiatives. Sentia is helping us to achieve a higher maturity level on managing IT, while at the same time allowing us to substantially reduce IT related costs.

Michel Hofman CIO Amsterdam Trade Bank

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