Continuity Engineer Windows

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Looking for a job where things change rapidly but without chaos? Do you want to have the ability to work with new and bleeding edge technology without running into the death by process trap?


Stop looking and join Sentia’s Operations organization!

We strive towards quality and long-term operational sustainability of technology so you will not just support this technology! We actually want you to look critically at technology and help deliver our mission.

As a Junior Engineer with knowledge of Windows, VMWare, or CI/CD, you will be part of our operations organization responsible for the successful lifecycle management of customer and internal environments. Ranging from smaller environments over to complex environments, your team strives towards pro-active and pre-emptive actions resulting in a healthy operational environment. 

Sounds like fun? Keep on reading!


So tell me, what is this all about?

  • You are contributing to the lifecycle of internal and customer facing platforms together with your Implementations colleagues
  • You will be supporting customer-specific environments leveraging our internal monitoring and ticketing platform
  • You will be working on pro-active and pre-emptive tasks to keep the number of incidents that impact the services of our customers low
  • Once in a while you will have to scramble into a return to service mode for those issues that were unable to be prevented
  • You will be facilitating customers and their partners in their deployment process by providing support for:
    • The infrastructure
    • The infrastructure and the platform the application needs
    • The infra, the platform and the tools needed for automated deployments
  • You will be supporting migrations
  • You are expected to regularly decompress and maybe even play some ping pong


What do we want from you?

  • Knowledge of the following:
    • Microsoft-flavored OSs and its secrets
    • VMWare’s ESX server and its associated suite of products
  • Knowledge on one or more of the following frameworks, middleware and application servers running on Windows:
    • E-mail application servers (Exchange, …) and its associated protocols (smtp, imap, pop)
    • Web application servers (IIS, Apache, …) and its associated protocols (http, https, …)
    • Database application servers (MS-SQL, Oracle DB, …)
    • Application servers (.NET framework, …)
  • Knowledge on one of the following essential platform supporting technologies:
    • DNS application servers (Active Directory DNS, …)
    • Directory application servers (Active Directory)
    • Remote Desktop Services, RemoteApp, VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop
    • Scripting languages such as Powershell, …
  • Notion about automating deployment and configuration of the above with tools such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible
  • Preferably an understanding of the concepts continuous integration and continuous deployment as well as the platforms and tools used to accomplish this:
    • Containerization platforms (Windows server containers, … )
    • Orchestration platforms (Azure Service Fabric, Kubernetes, …)
    • OTAP/DTAP streets (Team Foundation Server, Bamboo, …)
  • Notion of one of the following:
    • Clustering technologies (Microsoft Cluster, SQL Availability Groups, …)
    • Windows security (event logs, group policies, …)
    • Storage (iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, …)
  • Understanding Linux-based environments, and accepting that the world is more than Windows, is a nice to have J
  • You understand the OSI layer model and have a basic understanding of networking


You have at least 2 years of relevant experience in one of the above-mentioned concepts and technologies OR just finished an ICT focused higher education track.


We believe everyone can grow regardless of his/her education, however having had a technical background and education is considered a pro (civil or industrial engineer, bachelor IT, …).


Nevertheless experience is as valuable as education.


Experience in the hosting or cloud sector is considered a boon but not a pre-requisite


Your personality

  • You have a passion for technology
  • You are eager to learn continuously
  • You are a team player and can adapt to new situations
  • You are a go-getter and are not afraid to pull in additional people when needed
  • You are concise and result-driven (read: get things done)
  • You are flexible; if needed you jump in to help the team
  • You believe creativity, motivation, integrity, and teamwork are important values
  • You believe helping customers is important when you are buying something in your personal life, so you reflect this in your job by:
    • Communicating clearly
    • Working with the customer
    • Being flexible


We offer

  • A no-nonsense, open culture where we promote new ideas and value your contribution
  • A working environment with large and well-known customers so the stuff you do actually matters!
  • A tailored career path so you can continue to grow your competences and knowledge
  • Regular and transparent updates so you know where we are going
  • Multiple teambuilding events during the year and Happy Friday @ the office
  • Quarterly team updates consisting of a formal and informal part
  • Twice a week fresh soup and daily fresh fruit
  • Regular breakfast and lunch activities







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