May 23rd, 2018

Digital Transformation Day 2018 - Software is eating the world …

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Companies are experiencing increasing pressure to digitise further. Therefore digital transformation is at the heart of the business strategy for most companies. And those that do not do this are doomed...


During the second edition of the Minoc Digital Transformation Day, you could not just discover which trends promote the market today but also how you can implement tangible solutions that immediately have a positive impact on your productivity.


Our Cloud Evangelist Peter Snauwaert was at the scene and spoke from Sentia about the growing dominance of cloud computing, multi-cloud strategy and their role in revolutionising business models from a non-technological perspective.


More than just technology

A digital transformation involves more than just implementing ‘something’ digital in your company such as a website or application in the ‘cloud’. It involves changing the core of your organisation: the values, people, processes and technologies.


Where do you want your company to be in a few years’ time? It is an important question when defining a digital transformation strategy. Do not see the transformation in your company as an IT project. After all, the transformation is not just limited to a specific business component, it has impact on every department and every employee within your company.

It is important not to think in separate projects, but in parts of a larger whole. Peter Snauwaert Sentia Belgium


Everyone within your company will also experience such a radical change individually. Digital transformation is related to the way people think, their view on the world, the customers, suppliers… They must have the necessary skills in order to make the company grow together and to successfully complete the intended changes. For many of us, this is certainly not always evident... It might mean that weaker skills need to be addressed or developed, that they need to adjust their opinions,... or can possibly seek the help of a new generation of employees – the digital natives or the millennials.


Cloud computing as a digital accelerator

In a cloud computing environment, new IT sources are only a click away, which means that you reduce the time to make these sources available to your developers from weeks to only a few minutes. This results in an enormous increase in flexibility for the organisation.


Cloud computing is the on-demand supply of computing power, database storage, applications, etc. With the cloud, companies no longer have to plan whether to buy servers and other equipment in advance.

This elasticity and flexibility are very attractive for both the business and the developers. Companies can scale up as needs increase and scale down again as the demand decreases.


This freedom opens doors and accelerates decision-making. ICT people can focus better on the real priorities. An ambitious idea can be elaborated with a limited investment in order to quickly increase the scale and to grow with your business. And the replacement cycle no longer imposes a mortgage on the future. 


Multi-cloud strategy

Selecting the type of Cloud will depend on the wishes and needs per product or organisation. The public ‘mega clouds’ from Amazon, Google and Microsoft are the most popular, but more and more often there is a combination of public and private clouds within 1 company, for the various parts of their business operations or for various use cases, this is called a multi-cloud approach.

Many companies turn the tool into a target in itself, without thinking about it. We must switch to the public cloud, is what you hear, but they do not really know what this will bring them Peter Snauwaert Sentia Belgium

But what about the implementation of these technologies?


An experienced partner – who offers one contact point for the entire project, who is completely neutral with regard to the various technologies and supplies ‘full service’, preferably from Belgium – that is what large organisations more and more prefer.


With a clear view on the transformation, the sector and the already acquired expertise, Sentia is uniquely positioned to provide support and advice to companies that are looking for a successful implementation of cloud technology and therefore can enjoy the additional strategic benefits.


Currently, Sentia is doing this for banks, retail, e-commerce, media companies, start-ups… Would you like to know more about how Sentia can help you with your transformation to the cloud?


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