Junior Engineer Operations – Linux

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Looking for a job where things change rapidly but without chaos? Do you want to have the ability to work with new and bleeding edge technology on a project-based fashion without running into the death by process trap?


Stop looking and join Sentia’s Operations organization!

So tell me, what is this all about?

  • You are contributing to the lifecycle of internal and customer facing platforms together with
    your Implementations colleagues
  • You will be supporting customer-specific environments leveraging our internal monitoring
    and ticketing platform
  • You will be working on pro-active and pre-emptive tasks to keep the number of incidents that
    impact the services of our customers low
  • Once in a while you will have to scramble into a return to service mode for those issues that
    were unable to be prevented
  • You will be facilitating customers and their partners in their deployment process by providing
    support for:
    o The infrastructure
    o The infrastructure and the platform the application needs
    o The infra, the platform and the tools needed for automated deployments
  • You will be supporting migrations
  • You are expected to regularly decompress and maybe even play some ping pong


What do we want from you?

  • Knowledge of the following:
    o Linux-flavored OSs and its secrets
    o VMWare’s ESX server and its associated suite of products
  • Knowledge on one or more of the following frameworks, middleware and application servers
    running on Linux:
    o E-mail application servers (postfix, …) and its associated protocols (smtp, imap, pop, …)
    o Web application servers (Apache, nginx, …) and its associated protocols (http, https)
    o Database application servers (mysql, Oracle DB, MongoDB, Redis …)
    o Middleware application servers (tomcat, jboss, …)
  •  Knowledge on one of the following essential platform supporting technologies:
    o DNS application servers (bind, pdns, …)
    o NTP application servers
    o Scripting languages such as php, perl, python, bash, …
  • Notion about automating deployment and configuration of the above with tools such as Chef,
    Puppet and Ansible
  •  Preferably an understanding of the concepts continuous integration and continuous
    deployment as well as the platforms and tools used to accomplish this:
    o Containerization platforms (Docker, … )
    o Orchestration platforms (OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos, …)
    o OTAP/DTAP streets (Jenkins, Bamboo, …)
  • Notion of one of the following:
    o Caching technologies (Varnish, memcached, ..
    o Kernel modifications
    o Compiling from source code
    o Clustering technologies (HAproxy, LVS, …)
    o Linux security (SElinux, auditd, …)
    o Storage (iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, …)
  • Understanding Windows-based environments, and accepting that the world is more than linux,
    is a nice to have 
  • You understand the OSI layer model and have a basic understanding of networking


You have at least 2 years of relevant experience in one of the above-mentioned concepts and technologies OR just finished an ICT focused higher education track


Your personality

  • You have a passion for technology and eager to learn
  • You are a team player and can adapt to new situations
  • You are a go-getter and are not afraid to pull in additional people when needed
  • You are concise and result-driven (read: get things done)
  • You are flexible; if needed you jump in to help the team
  • You believe creativity, motivation, integrity, and teamwork are important values
  • You believe helping customers is important when you are buying something in your
    personal life, so you reflect this in your job by:

o Communicating clearly
o Working with the customer
o Being flexible


We offer

  • A no-nonsense, open culture where we promote new ideas and value your contribution
  • A tailored career path so you can continue to grow your competences and knowledge
  • Multiple teambuilding events during the year and Happy Friday @ the office

We are glad we can help you

Our teams are ready for you!

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