Sentia's approach: Cloud Adoption Framework

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Sentia’s approach to setting up a Cloud Competence Center is based on the Cloud Adoption Framework, originally developed by AWS, yet the concepts apply readily to any Public Cloud – including Microsoft Azure, a Microsoft platform that Sentia is currently including under its umbrella service model.

Main goal: a practical ‘Cloud Adoption Journey’

The ‘CAF’ provides organisations with a methodology and toolset to set out on their ‘Cloud Adoption Journey’. It provides a structure for business and IT to work together towards common strategy and vision, and implementation, supported by modern IT automation and process optimization.

Aimed at organisations of all kinds and sizes, the CAF provides guidelines for virtually anyone in any situation – meaning that you and we should carefully select only those aspects that are truly relevant. The CAF readily allows for such an approach. Its universal applicability of stems from its modular design, and from the fact that CAF is based on the real-life questions that AWS and its Partners have encountered over the years.


It is highly likely that your business case for Cloud Adoption already exists in part or in full – but if not, we’re happy to help you to fully ‘crystallize’ it during the initial Cloud Readiness Assessment, to then back-load it into your specific Cloud Adoption implementation.

There’s a good reason to ask our assistance in this matter. By leveraging our 11 years of ready- knowledge, experience, and in-depth understanding of business and Cloud, you won’t make the unfortunate “beginner’s mistakes” that sometimes make the headlines.

A properly formed Cloud Adoption business case defines, at the very least:

  • The overall business requirements to meet,
  • The expected corresponding costs and benefits,
  • Your ‘current state’,
  • The ‘desired state’,
  • Vision statement of how the desired state will deliver the Value,
  • Mission Statement and translation into the CCC’s place and role in the organisation,
  • A high-level mapping of how to get from here to the there, ...
  • ... And all of the above with the full ‘package’ in mind of the unique possibilities and limitations of
  • the Cloud of your choice!

The CAF is based on years of experience (primary from AWS and its Partners such as Sentia) and provides to tools to meet your business goals using the Public Cloud, by taking a short path (Cloud Adoption) towards Cloud Operations. A true ‘framework’ - just like ISO 27001 is just a framework -, the CAF does provide the rope.




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