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Sentia's Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Sentia is commited to being a responsible organisation. This is seen in how we work with our clients and employees and in the contribution we make to society. It is important to us that our employees work for a socially responsible company, and this is apparant in how we work. We acknowledge that our activities have an impact on society and we try to manage this in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Green energy, responsible entrepreneurship

Our centers use green energy and maintain the highest standards of corporate social responsibility. One of our centers, an active contributing member of Green Grid, has won many prizes for energy saving and is a member of the ‘European Commission Joint Research Centre on Sustainability’. Another center is ISO-14001-certified (‘Code for Environmental Management’). In addition, both centers use as much freely available cold outside air as possible for cooling.

Each employee, as part of society, is focussed on the importance of our health and the environment. Everybody is committed to ensuring the organisation acts in a responsible manner. We consider the impact of our operations on the local environment and society.


An organisation must describe the policies, decisions and activities within their remit in an accurate and balanced manner. Sentia can provide this information, either proactively or at the customer’s request.


The corporate behaviour of an organisation is based upon the principles of honesty, equality and integrity. Sentia provides its employees with the tools for personal growth and stimulates collaboration within teams. Our employees are kept up-to-date with internal training and through achieving specific certification. In addition to this theoretical training, our engineers are trained on internal projects and via the special platforms available to them.

Sentia's philosophy, an example

Amber Alert began in 2008 as a crowdsourcing initiative for missing children. Approximately four times a year this system becomes fully operational, turning the entire country into one large detection network via billboards, apps, SMS and email. Since AMBER Alert’s inception, Sentia has been the primary sponsor of this organisation, providing them with access to our IT platform and our 24x7 managed application continuity services. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to contribute to such an important initiative.

Respect for rules and regulations

An organisation is bound by rules and regulations. The protection of human rights is an integral part of Sentia’s philosophy. To act in an ethically correct manner, Sentia will not interact with any organisations that could jeopardise the fundamental rights of human beings in any way.

Honest labour practice

We will not hire children who do not meet the legal age requirements within each country and region. We do not use any form of human trafficking, forced, bonded or compulsory labour. Wages and working hours, including overtime and bonuses, are appropriate within the local law. This takes into account the minimum wage, overtime and legally allowable bonus.

Insults and discrimination

Insults or discrimination will not be tolerated in any form.

Freedom of expression

We encourage open communication with management regarding working conditions. Sentia believes that a dialogue between employees and management creates free and open communication, generating a strong, reliable partnership within the workplace.

Health and safety

Our employees have a safe, healthy working environment, which is in line with health and safety standards.


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