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Sentia has worked for many years to refine and optimise its own private cloud, the Sentia Cloud, which is designed for mission-critical applications and fully situated in Tier3 + data centers in the Netherlands. Thanks to the Sentia Cloud, any of our client’s IT networks can be adjusted quickly, allowing them to anticipate the demands of the market.

Unique to the Sentia Cloud is our Managed Application Continuity service. All your application launches, releases, updates and changes are secure within our safe processes. Your customers are not affected by changes in your environment and your platform is always up to date.

Before we construct a client network in the Sentia Cloud, we monitor the behaviour of your application for a few weeks in order to assign the best location to your application within the Sentia Cloud. This ensures there will be no bad neighbours or any applications in your vincinity that can disrupt the performance of your applications.


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